Battipaglia, the air-raid shelter

The Municipal Administration has restored and secured the air-raid shelter in the square facing the town hall.

The underground tunnel was originally more than 50 meters long and reached the building that houses the Municipality, starting from the railway station, to extend up to the current Piazza Conforti, where there was an entrance, which has unfortunately been eliminated. During the renovation of the square above, consolidation works had already been carried out, which had allowed the restoration of a short stretch, blocking access to most of the rooms. However, the facility was not accessible.
Upon input from the Administration, the refuge was completely restored to safety and, thanks to the collaboration with Mubat, a multimedia installation was prepared in order to tell the history of the vicissitudes of the populations of the bombed cities, of Battipaglia in particular.

the accessible refuge

Inside the town hall another installation has been set up, which also allows those who do not have the opportunity to go down to the shelter, to view the interior of the shelter and relive the emotions of the people who waited there for the time of the bombings to pass.


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