The events of 2019

Rich billboard again this year, indeed the list of events is made even more significant by the concomitant 90th anniversary of the birth of the municipality of Battipaglia, the 75th anniversary of Salerno Capital following the landing and the 50th anniversary of the events in Battipaglia. So here is the program drawn up for 2019. Some of the events are still being defined and therefore may undergo some changes:

26th – 27th January

Meeting at l.C. Gatto with projections, interventions and exhibition of the “Shoah in Italy”, 38 panels with images and documents by the Centre for Contemporary Jewish Documentation in Milan, the main research centre in Italy on the Holocaust and intervention by the ANED (Associazione nazionale ex deportati nei campi nazisti, National association of former deportees in Nazi camps) provincial section president. Description to the youngsters of the nearby Campagna internment camp and the roundups following the disembarkation. Celebration at the Municipality with video testimonies of the camp survivors (CDEC, Fondazione centro di documentazione ebraica contemporanea, Contemporary Jewish Documentation Centre Foundation) and readings.

13th April

“Battipaglia Novecento” cycle, conference at the Council Chamber at the end of a week of events, in memory of the 50th anniversary of the Battipaglia riots in 1969. Mubat in collaboration with AAMOD brought Luigi Perelli back to Battipaglia, who was the director of the Piovra and 50 years ago filmed a documentary on the deaths of Carmine Citro and Teresa Ricciardi due to the bullets of the police. The director recounted his experience and met the witnesses of those days, interviewed by him 50 years ago. Carmine Citro’s sister, the journalist Vito Telese and the Marshal De Marco have been interviewed again by Perelli, who will make a documentary 50 years later in a unique experience.

29th May

“Battipaglia Novecento” series, Aula Magna Liceo Medi. 90th anniversary of the inauguration of the first commissioner of the municipality of Battipaglia Alfonso Menna with the delivery of a plaque to the heirs. Screening of the documentary “Senza Rossetto” in collaboration with Regesta.exe and AAMOD, documentary archive on the first vote for women in 1946. Screenings and interviews made ad hoc with two ladies of the city, who are over 94 years old, and video interview carried out by a student (IC Gatto) to her grandfather, a soldier returning from the concentration camps. With the presence of the other schools in the city.


The students of the Gatto school, as part of the Erasmus plus project, took a tour of the museums and beaches of the Normandy landings for the 75th anniversary and had a meeting with the authorities of the municipality of Cherbourg.

14th September

Cycle “Battipaglia Novecento”, conference “The war of the South, Avalanche, Salerno Capital, the partisans” the contribution of the South to the war, the episodes of resistance, the change in Salerno and the southerners in the ranks of the partisan brigades, the case of Sacco, defined as the city of the partisans.

Flash mob in the streets of the city with three dance schools on the landing theme to involve citizens in the re-enactment. Screening in front of the Municipality of a semi-unpublished documentary “Return to Battipaglia”.

15th September

Celebration on the same beaches where the landing took place (Roger sector) with recreational and musical activities, display of objects from the war period and the reconstruction of the clashes in uniform. Ceremony with the greeting of the military, religious and civil authorities, crown to the memorial stone and to the plaque dedicated to the war dead placed by Mubat last year on the beach. And throwing of a laurel wreath to the fallen by the mayor escorted by a lookout of the GDF (Guardia di Finanza, financial police). Food tasting with products from the Piana and show on the theme with dance schools and artists.


Exhibition “Battipaglia Novecento”, on the history of the first decades of life of the Municipality: exhibition of photo objects and memorabilia relating to the most famous events, the birth as a colony of the regime, the landing, the disappearance of the mayor Rago, the events of 9th April 1969. Projection of videos and stories and exhibition of the finds collected in the area.


Show for schools “Ninetta” with texts taken from pieces of the period, images and videos from the repertoire, acting, singing and dance grafted on an imaginary love story in 1943, original production with 45 artists.

Opening of the Air-raid Shelter in Piazza Aldo Moro.

Avalanche Day 2020
L’antifascismo e l’esilio politico nel salernitano